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Anglican Revival in Wales originated out of Anglican Essentials Wales in 2019. Following the Anglican Essentials meeting in Cardiff in 2019 it was agreed at Bridgend to include enhanced resources for lay people throughout the Church in Wales.


Out of this Anglican Revival in Wales began.



Anglicans in the Church in Wales believe in our Lord Jesus Christ and that is why we are CHRISTians. The basis of faith is summarised in the Jerusalem declaration shown here.


Anglicans in the Church of Wales believe in Scripture just as Jesus Christ did, and does.  We also use the Book of Common Prayer and accept the 39 articles as the founding tenets of the Church and the principles of the Church.



Christian belief in the pews of the Church in Wales shows the basics of current subjects from a Christian perspective.  As the website is kept up to date it may give links to additional thoughts over and above the Christian basics.


This website is trying to describe the basic beliefs of all in the Church pews without any complex detail or comment.


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